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How do I get a Chinese name?

You may have come across automated Chinese name generators, but how do you make sure the characters are even suitable to be used in a name? Even if some characters don’t carry a negative meaning, they would seem weird to native speakers if used in names. 

Some people have also tried asking random strangers on the internet to give them a Chinese name. Frankly, it doesn’t really work this way because they don’t know anything about you, it would probably sound weird or even inappropriate if a stranger asks you to give him a name in your native language.

What if I don’t have any Chinese friends?

This is where we come into play. We specialise in Chinese name picking by utilising the vast experience of our linguists.

In order to make up a real, authentic Chinese name for you we will ask you to tell us more about what you want it to mean.

It takes a native Chinese speaker to determine whether everything is fine with the name. For example, if all three characters in a name are in the same tone it might not sound nice.

Picking a Chinese name is more complicated than one might think. We have to take into account not only the meaning of the characters but also how your full name (first name + surname) will sound, your gender, and other aspects.


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